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Empowering Job Seekers with the #1 Automation Tool for Applying to Jobs

What is ApplyGenie?

ApplyGenie is a job application automation tool created by the developer team at Render Analytics. ApplyGenie uses web scraping technology to actively interact with third-party job posting websites and apply to many jobs at once without manual user involvement required.


Deeper Look

Applying for a job... is a job. There is nothing more demoralizing than getting home from a long-day's work and having to put in another shift to apply for new jobs.

ApplyGenie has one purpose: automate the process of sending out job applications so you can get your valuable time back. Let us find the next perfect job for you tailored to your individual needs and goals. Take a backseat and let the job search come to you!

Interested in tryout out ApplyGenie yourself? Give it a try for free! Learn more at!

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