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Leverage Your Customers’ Timing Patterns

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Customer Optimization

It is no secret that timing matters when it comes to optimizing your digital presence, whether that is social media engagement, paid marketing campaigns, or your own website’s traffic. Having the right timing can improve engagement, increase impressions and visitors, and boost conversion rates. As a brand, your objective should be to spot visiting patterns of users on your website and align those hours to achieve optimal engagement.

How do you get the data needed to understand your own business’s visitor and engagement patterns? Of course, you can continue to conduct endless research to find the “perfect” time to post content on social media platforms and websites, but the more obvious (and less time-consuming) solution would be to opt for a software solution like AnalyticsBox that assists you to determine the specific timeframe your target audience visits the website. Once you’re aware of the hours, days, and weeks when your audience is most active, you can leverage the data to boost engagement and improve visibility.

Social Media

Posting on social media at the right time means you will have more likes, shares, and comments. Good timing will lead to higher overall impressions, engagements, and followers. If your users are more likely to log in and see your content in the mornings, then you should be doing most of your engagement in the mornings!

Paid Marketing

Paid digital marketing is a common way to get traffic to your website, and popular tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be effective in getting the attention of potential customers. These tools are getting more sophisticated as time goes on and are allowing more customization of which users a business wants to target. The best way to leverage timing for paid marketing is location-based. If you know your traffic is coming from certain time zones, you can set preferences within most paid marketing tools to target regions within those time zones. Naturally, time and location-based targeting are related strategies in paid marketing.

Email and SMS

Email and SMS timing optimization is very straightforward- if you know when users are most likely to visit your website, send touchpoint communication with users at those times. If you get a disproportionate amount of your traffic on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, then that is when you should send out promotional communication- it is simple as that! Why? Because those likely are also the times when you will get your highest open and click-through rates.

Brick & Mortar

If your website is simply a communication channel for your brick & mortar business- such as a restaurant or retail store- there are still benefits to understanding your timing! For one, this type of data may give you something to think about in terms of your business’s hours of operations. Additionally, you can offer promotions at certain times based on when you are likely to get more foot traffic as a result. The happy hour was a brilliant idea!

Sum Up

There is room to grow your business simply by getting the timing right. By understanding and taking advantage of the behaviors of your potential customers, you can make those patterns work for you and get a leg up on your competition! To learn about growing your online presence, give this article a read.

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