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Optimizing Your Website Page Flow to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

website conversion rate

Page flow is one of those things that’s easy to learn, but hard to master. You want to give your customer the most streamlined experience you can when they’re on your website, keeping them moving towards that final goal in your conversion funnel: the action. Whether that action is buying your service, subscribing to your email thread, or simply clicking on backlinks, optimizing the conversion rate of your website objective(s) is an important and practical way to grow your business in the modern world.

Always Focus on YOUR Conversion Funnel

You have may preconceived ideas about your site’s structure and design, but hold onto those notions until you understand your visitors. After all, you need a framework to improve site flow and optimize conversion flow.

Prioritize the needs and habits of your users and ensure your site takes into account uniqueness of your offering and your visitors. Don’t lose sight of your conversion funnel because it will paint a clear picture of your site’s user flow.

Optimize Your Pages to Improve Conversion Funnel

Use Impressive Graphics

Less content and more visual graphics are another way to improve site flow and draw the attention of more visitors. Use attractive visual graphics to create an engaging environment on your website. It would influence users to click more pages and browse the content.

Make the Desired Path Quick and Obvious

The idea of a conversion funnel is a very linear one: direct your customer down a path that helps them take an action you want them to take in the easiest way possible. There is no easier way to do this than to make your primary calls to action visible from every page. Your visitors should never be more than a click or two from a conversion- including your homepage.

Shorten Your Web Content

Opt for balanced content on your website and cut out the excessive content. Similarly, expand on extremely short content to create a positive user experience. Include CTA on each page and make sure the content doesn’t overwhelm users on the site.

Load Pages Faster

Users have access to more than enough sites and don’t want to wait around to load a site. So, cut down the elements that may be slowing down the load time of pages on your site. If the web design is too heavy, optimize the features that can boost the site accessibility for users with a slow internet connection.

Create a Rabbit Hole

Have you ever been surfing the internet, and stumbled upon a website that just fascinated you? Maybe it was a lifestyle blog, maybe a movie reviewer. But whatever it was, you were so roped in that you just kept clicking through and consuming their content. There is a quick way to transform your website into a rabbit hole for visitors: embed internal backlinks into any articles, blogs, and text blurbs you have on your site that send the visitor to other similar parts of your website.

What Else?

Understand and isolate the steps to convert a new visitor.

Ensure your site is mobile compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Ensure the content structure is clear and navigational for visitors.

Do not make your users ever have to click the back button.

Ensure site visitors who consume content are not traffic dead ends by adding internal and external links to your website.

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