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Information Sessions, Training, & Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements & Corporate Trainings

Whether it be for business conferences, guest lectures, or corporate trainings, Render Analytics has you covered in terms of bringing in an expert speaker within the field of data analytics. Our CEO Charlie Render is available to speak at your event to teach and empower stakeholders on how to get the most out of data for their organizations.

The exact content of these speaking engagements can vary based on the needs for the event. For example, you can check out Charlie's talk at the University of Central Florida's business school here, where we were excited to be included as part of the
UCF Exchange speakers series.

We also offer regular speaking appearances at business conferences. Over the last few years, for example, our team has run multiple information sessions at conferences such as the Small Business Expo and the Jim Moran Institute's Small Business Leadership Conference.

We are available to participate in virtual events as well. Check out Charlie's informative webinar with the SCORE Mid-Florida branch to get an idea of what types of informational opportunities can be provided even through an online event!

Technical Training & Coding Bootcamps

If you are looking to learn the technical skills necessary to work in data analytics or even just be able to leverage data to a certain extent within a non-technical role, our team has multiple training programs available upon request. We offer everything from personalized technical trainings to deep-dive extensive bootcamps.

We work with individuals, organizations, and academic institutions. For example, we pair up every year with Wake Technical Community College to teach a 2-day webinar on how to break into the field of analytics without prior technical experience. Partnering with continuing education programs helps those interested in changing careers or broadening their skillset.

For deeper technical training, we can offer 3-to-6 month bootcamps that focus on teaching relevant coding languages as well as popular technical tools and platforms. With experience partnering with Trilogy Education and the University of Central Florida to run an extensive 6-month coding bootcamp, our team has built a program that can be leveraged for any major technical skill within the field of data analytics.

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