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Data Analytics

Data Analytics Services


Dashboards & Reporting

Let us help you create a reporting environment that helps you track all of your key metrics and performance indicators in a user-friendly way that allows you to gain insights from your own data without requiring technical expertise to interpret results


Data Science & Machine Learning

Our data science team can perform a wide variety of statistical analyses for common use cases such as such as forecasting, process or price optimization, and customer segmentation. Some of the analyses we can perform are regression testing, clustering, and classification.


Data Architecture & APIs

We can create a custom data environment to collect and tracks your business’s key metrics, including building APIs between your upstream data sources and data warehouse. This will allow you to leverage this data for future deep dive analyses as well as ongoing reporting!


Data Analysis & Pattern Detection

If you want an ad-hoc analysis for your business or website, we have you covered! We can help you identify patterns, trends, and opportunities that emerge from your data to make more effective business decisions. How can we make your website convert at a higher rate? What can you do to retain a higher percentage of your customers, why are your employees leaving at a high rate? Get the answers to your most pressing business needs!

Ongoing Contracting & Consulting

Outsource your ongoing analytics work to save money while getting specialized attention from an analytics expert.

If you want to have a specialized data analytics resource at your disposal, but you do not want to have to hire someone full-time for your business, contract out your work to us and let us be your “data guys”. Some big names have trusted Render Analytics with their data contracting needs, including BlueCross BlueShield, Marriott Hotels, and Atlassian Technologies!

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